Brand Story

Founded in France in 2005, Puressentiel is the leader on the aromatherapy market in pharmacies and aims to invent tomorrow’s healthcare through the efficacy of nature.

Harnessing nature’s purest and most powerful ingredients in a way that’s environmentally responsible and fair to producers, and to make them accessible to everyone has been the mission that Puressentiel had set itself from day one.

Our ambition? To invent tomorrow’s health everyday – purer, more natural and more effective, to give our body even more well-being.

Every Puressentiel product is a pure concentrate of natural active ingredients – nothing unnecessary is added. For all of our daily aches and pains, our well-being, beauty and lifestyle, choose Puressentiel.

Selecting Puressentiel means making the choice to take care of ourselves and those we love… naturally.

The Puressentiel® range brings us “the efficacy of nature!”


Nature is our raw material.
Every day, Puressentiel® ensures respect for nature and the people who foster it.
To make our products, we take the best of what nature has to offer, in an eco-responsible way, without
ever deviating from our “Pure Quality” charter. The Natural is our DNA.
This quest for the natural is reflected in our daily behaviour, since like it, we are also: sincere, genuine,
upright and respectful.
This is naturally embodied by courtesy, openness, and empathy with others, accessibility, and mutual
respect for everyone’s work.
The roots of Puressentiel’s success are our ability to offer products based on 100% pure and natural
active ingredients, of the purest quality… “real,” timeless, user-friendly products… as evidenced by the
confidence of our ever-growing community of fans.
Our communication is simple, direct, pragmatic, respectful and down to earth.


Performance is the constant willingness to look for the best and achieve excellence.
We can witness it everyday in our products, with their high content of natural, pure, innovative active ingredients and demonstrated efficacy.
This is also expressed in our behaviours: “being” Puressentiel® is to develop energy, involvement, and a willingness to excel.
It requires as well that we respond to our users’ needs with precision, with successful products, of the highest quality, which are practical and pleasant to use at the same time, as witnessed by the record satisfaction levels obtained by our products.


Commitment is a way of life at Puressentiel®.
It is illustrated in the everyday eco-friendly actions we perform in producing each of our products,
ensuring the protection of the men and women that participate in their manufacture, and the
conservation of nature, while observing our uncompromising “Pure Quality” charter.

It is also reflected in human relations: within our teams, with our collaborators or partners, as well as in
relation to our brand, our products… and our family of consumers.
It is confirmed every day in everyone’s efforts to bring our shared projects to completion, especially by
complying with the processes that are in place to achieve this.
A behaviour definitely required in relation to our consumers, who expect us to keep our promise and
offer them the efficacy of nature!


European Organic Certification

France Organic &environmentally friendly Certification

Agriculture Biologique Certification for Organic Products