Cellular Youth Elixir 30ml



Rich in Red Glasswort, this Guérande Cosmetics anti-aging face serum should be applied to the entire face, with special attention paid to the skin around the eyes and mouth. Its regenerating action provides intense hydration and replumps the epidermis. Its natural active ingredients act in synergy to fill in wrinkles and optimize the cells’ natural defenses. Skin is silky and full of vitality.

Active ingredients from the marshes:
– Mother-Waters, for their dual action: they restore the epidermis’ mineral balance
via simple osmosis and help the skin absorb active cosmetic ingredients.
– The rare polyphenol found in Red Glasswort enhances this antioxidant power to fight against premature skin aging.

Additional active ingredients: Juvenessence TM AD (an active anti-aging ingredient), Hyaluronic Acid (with moisturizing, anti-aging properties), and Commipheroline (to fill in wrinkles).

98% of ingredients are of natural origin, 21% are derived from organic farming.