Mother-Waters NeoSerum 50ml



Guérande Mother-Waters NeoSerum is a particularly innovative facial skincare serum base that is suitable for all skin types. Its “NeoSerum” texture becomes milky upon application, before being absorbed. This formula restores the skin’s mineral balance and activates its natural functions. The osmotic principle prepares the skin for better absorption of other Guérande skincare products. Result: skin is oxygenated and revitalized. Use morning and evening as a ‟skin restoration” cure for at least 28 days to restore the skin’s radiance.

Active ingredients from the marshes:

– Mother-Waters, for their dual action: they restore the epidermis’ mineral balance via simple osmosis and provide a boosting effect that helps the skin better absorb active cosmetic ingredients.

Additional active ingredients: Marine Exopolysaccharides and Hyaluronic Acid (which both have moisturizing properties). 98% of ingredients are of natural origin, 25% are derived from organic farming.