Velvety Face Scrub 60ml



Green Macroalgae Enteromorpha, Clay, and Fleur de Sel gently eliminate impurities that can asphyxiate the skin. Its innovative formula, enriched with sucrose esters, makes this scrub pleasant to apply. Upon rinsing, its texture becomes milky and leaves behind a veil of softness: skin is supple, silky, and ready for a Guérande Cosmetics face mask for harmonious completion of your skincare Ritual.

Active ingredients from the marshes:
– Mother-Waters, for their dual action: they restore the epidermis’ mineral balance via simple osmosis and help the skin absorb active cosmetic ingredients.
– The mineral content in our Green Macroalgae Enteromorpha, Clay, and Fleur de Sel helps oxygenate and purify the skin while providing antioxidant action.

Additional active ingredients: Sucrose Ester base (with moisturizing properties).
99% of ingredients are of natural origin, 20% are derived from organic farming.