Brand Story

Theophile Berthon founded in 1867, our goal is to propose natural flawless and effective products thanks to the elaboration of studied formulas that are gentle on the skin and respectful of nature.

We concentrate our efforts and investments on the effectiveness of our formulas ensuring the safety and quality of our products.

Natural but Afforable

Our team of experts uses their knowledge and research to analyze, quantify and mix the specific properties of each oil, so as to offer products that combine the best natural active ingredients for a perfect synergy.

Our priority is being able to guarantee that our products have a high content of vegetable oils, have a sufficient shelf life and provide maximum safe use for our customers.
Moreover, we also give particular attention to the notion of pleasure.

Indeed, according to our philosophy, cosmetics should be natural and affordable but also pleasurable in terms of textures and scents.

Therefore, the quality of the formulas within the bottle takes precedence over the bottle itself!

Specialized in oils and soap

The Berthon soap factory started to operate at the end of the XIXth century at the heart of the French Provence, at the Salon de Provence.

Specialized in oils and soap, gold medal holder at the Universal Exhibition of Paris 1878, of Paris 1889, and then awarded the Grand Prix of Hanoi in 1903.The unquestionable quality of its products and raw materials has made its reputation.

Making the soap in a cauldron by a master soap craftsman is one of our original skills. Traditionally used for making hard soaps, we have found how to adapt it to our liquid soap manufacture.


Like many soap factories at that time, it did not survive the 1929 crisis, the massive arrival of chemical soap powders and shower gels made with Sodium Laureth sulphate (SLS), as well as the Second World War.

This very frothy, irritating, and inexpensive chemical cleaning base invaded the market very quickly.

Theophile Berthon’s soap factories will not survive the arrival of this foaming washing base known for being irritating to the skin and inexpensive for personal care products.

Pauline and Jean Pierre meet through work and professional experiences. After the birth of their child, they begin to develop an interest in cosmetics. They quickly notice the lack of products adapted to their son’s sensitive and allergy-prone skin.

On the search for natural detergents, soaps and cosmetics of good quality, they first turn to SAVON NOIR as used by their grandmothers and the traditional Savon de Marseille.